BORAM XVII: two students representing the group

The BORAM, short for Boron in the Americas, is a conference solely focused on boron-related chemistry. Therefore, it’s almost like a pilgrimage for the students working with boron in the Fontaine group. This year was no exception, as Lara Harter and Vincent Desrosiers both attended the meeting, which was hosted at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg VA. There, they bonded with world-renowned boron scientists. They also had the opportunity to present some of our most recent research, as Vincent gave a talk about “Metal-Free Transfer Borylation: a Novel Approach to C-H Functionalization”. Needless to say, the event was a success, and the Fontaine group would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity.

Official conference picture. Can you spot Lara and Vincent?


Lara and Vincent, somewhere in Blacksburg.


Beginning of the conference, organized by Prof. Webster Santos (in front) and his team.