New members

We are pleased to welcome among us three new students this summer: Catherine Harvey (top), Audrey Gaudy (bottom left) and Megan Mulder (bottom right). Catherine will work in collaboration with Professor Dominic Larivière, Ph.D. on new methods for the separation of rare earths using industrial silicas. Audrey and Megan are doing a research internship in an academic environment for the summer of 2022. Audrey will work with Vincent Desrosiers on the development of the borylation of compounds for organic electronic applications. Megan will work with Antoine Carpentier on the synthesis of boron derivatives of capsaicin for the development of medicinal treatments. Both are fellows of the prestigious NSERC Undergraduate Research Fellowship (USRA) program. Additionally, Megan is doing her internship through the inorganic chemistry exchange (ICE) program, which allows her to travel across Canada to perform inorganic chemistry work. We welcome them and good luck to all!